Painting Training Program

Everywhere you look you can see the work done by painters. Paint serves two important purposes, to beautify surfaces, and to protect surfaces from exposure to weather and corrosive elements.

The Painting and Decorating trade offers challenging and satisfying careers for motivated men and women. Union craft workers earn high wages, have good opportunities for advancement and are assured of a secure future.

Employment opportunities in this industry range from high-end decorating and wall covering applications to commercial work such as shopping malls, hotels and office buildings as well as industrial jobs on nuclear power plants, refineries and bridges. The constant development of new materials, high tech application techniques and increased safety and environmental concerns make the painting trade a challenging and rewarding career.

Glazing Training Program

Look around you at all of the new buildings under construction featuring glass and mirrors.

Glaziers work with various forms of glass, including flat window glass; insulated, laminated, tempered, reflective and wire embedded glass; mirrors and pre-assembled glass panels. Plastic and other glass substitutes are also used. Glaziers select, cut, install and fit these materials for use in window and door frames, bathtub and shower enclosures, glass partitions, skylights and store

Floor Covering Training Program

IUPAT Job Corps Floor Covering students learn the basic skills necessary to install all types of floor covering.

The Floor Covering installer works with many different types of materials such as vinyl tile, rubber sheet goods and rubber tile. They must have the skill to do preparatory work required for the finished floor covering installation. When required, they install an underlayment such as wood chipboard, backboard or felt paper prior to the installation of the floor covering material. The Floor Coverer also cuts and fits all materials to wall edges, openings and projections as well as installing metal trim and rubber top set base.

Along with these skills, corpsmembers are taught safe work habits, work ethics and the importance of a job well done.

Sign, Display and Billboard Training

The IUPAT Sign, Display, and Billboard Programs are equipped with computer technology and teach the latest techniques of the industry. This program prepares talented and motivated Job Corps participants for exciting and challenging careers as sign painters, silk screeners, display builders and installers, billboard painters and sign fabricators and erectors.